How can we place an order?

Ordering with Leather Collection is very easy, one in few steps you will be able to buy the any product from the website. Follow are the steps:

  1. BROWSE: Go to the product page, where you can see product images, videos, descriptions and reviews from the customer.
  2. PRODUCT OPTIONS: Choose from the option, product, gender, size, leather, speed hump, perforation, stretch materials, add-ons, matching gears, etc.


    • The option might be different depending on products.
    • Options with the (*) star are compulsory

  3. CHECKOUT: Click on the Buy button will takes you to checkout page. Where you can give your name & address, select shipping method and choose payment. You can also login to your account (already registered customers), Create an account (for new customers), Add a promo code if you have any, You can also add instructions for your order, add gift options and subscribe to newsletter) on the checkout page.
  4. CONFIRM PURCHASE: The final step, “Confirm Purchase” at the bottom of the checkout page. (Note: it is highly recommended to make sure that the product options are correct at the top of checkout page before order confirmation)
  5. SUCCESS: On success, it will takes you to the order success page. Where you can see your order number and details. You can share your order on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel on the page.
  6. ERROR: In case of any error, please read the error carefully and follow the instructions. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please open a ticket or contact Please send screen shot of the error along with the request.
  7. CUSTOM SIZE: If you selected for the custom size (made to measure), then send your body measurements from the online form and also read instruction on
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